Light Acne Clear

This program is suitable for those who want to target the problem of dullness that are the result of pimples and acne as well as get rid of the root problem that is causing pimples to begin with, all at once. The process consists of a pimple extraction step, where the physician will reduce the infection and clogging of the pimple on the skin surface. This is done by removing the excess fat that is under the skin surface. This procedure protects the skin from further infections and clogging so no new pimples will come about. The next step is the use of the multivitamin electroporation that helps to enhance whiteness which reduces permanent marks and scars from old acne or pimples. This includes black spots, red spots of all sorts. The final step is the light technology which helps to sterilize a pimple and reduces the function of the fat gland under the skin. This results in less clogged and infected pimples appearing on the skin. Physicians will select the type of light technology that matches the case of the specific individual, for example – infected pimples, swollen red pimples. Furthermore, the light technology reacts to the blood vessels which will help reduce redness or swelling and also enhances healing process by increasing oxygen transportation in facial blood vessels. As for pimples that are clogged is best handled with lasers that can help to reduce the clogging of the fat glands.