Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

As the central part of the face, our nose is also one of the most noticeable among our facial features. A deviated nose may give the impression of facial asymmetry, or a crooked nose may give an aura of ruggedness, while a drooping nose may add a little number to our age.

Our surgeons at Anna Clinic, are licensed as plastic surgeons and are ones of the highly respected faculty members of one of the biggest medical school in Thailand. Our surgeons understand and try their best to satisfy patients need. However, there will be some limitations since the result we can achieve is based from the current appearance of patients nose and genetic make-up.

Our Clinic offers a wide range of nose surgery procedures such as nose augmentation, nose reduction, septoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, correction of deviated or crooked nose which also covers correction of nose deformity due to cleft lip. Our surgeon will recommend a procedure and technique according to the needs of the patient based on personal assessment. Our Clinic also welcomes patients who have had previous nose surgeries and are not happy with the result of their first one.